This file is legitimate. It is a data compression file, and is part of the official construction of the "zlib" library.


MD5: fb072e9f69afdb57179f59b512f828a4
SHA1: fe71b70173e46ee4e3796db9139f77dc32d2f846
SHA256: 66d653397cbb2dbb397eb8421218e2c126b359a3b0decc0f31e297df099e1383

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CharacterSet: Windows, Latin1
CodeSize: 75264
Comments: For more information visit http //www.zlib.net/
Directory: C \Users\user\Desktop\TaskData\Tor
EntryPoint: 0x1400
FileDescription: zlib data compression library
FileFlags: (none)
FileFlagsMask: 0x003f
FileName: zlib1.dll
FileOS: Win32
FilePermissions: rw-r--r--
FileSize: 105 kB
FileSubtype: 0
FileType: Win32 DLL
FileTypeExtension: dll
FileVersion: 1.2.8
ImageFileCharacteristics: Executable, No line numbers, No symbols, 32-bit, No debug, DLL
ImageVersion: 1.0
InitializedDataSize: 106496
InternalName: zlib1.dll
LanguageCode: English (U.S.)
LegalCopyright: (C) 1995-2013 Jean-loup Gailly & Mark Adler
LinkerVersion: 2.24
MachineType: Intel 386 or later, and compatibles
MIMEType: application/octet-stream
ObjectFileType: Dynamic link library
OriginalFileName: zlib1.dll
OSVersion: 4.0
PEType: PE32
ProductName: zlib
ProductVersion: 1.2.8
Subsystem: Windows command line
SubsystemVersion: 4.0
TimeStamp: 0000 00 00 00 00 00
UninitializedDataSize: 1024