This file has the status "safe". It can be found on Windows 10 in directory c:\program files\mozilla firefox.


MD5: 533a9d2084b6b4e9db64a4f302a9f892
SHA1: cf68b1849f8279fa23b8768c27b9e1cda2aada0f
SHA256: 3a3b9738f42c5fefd5eba7f8e5c8e29c77138ee2acc37752a6683ff46de5cb39

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Build ID: 20200107212822
CharacterSet: Unicode
CodeSize: 75403264
CompanyName: Mozilla Foundation
CompiledTime: Tue Jan  7 23:08:33 2020 UTC
CRC32: 3042217759
Directory: c:\program files\mozilla firefox
EntryPoint: 0x47e5c90
FileFlags: (none)
FileFlagsMask: 0x003f
FileName: xul.dll
FileOS: Win32
FilePermissions: rw-rw-rw-
FileSize: 97 MB
FileSubtype: 0
FileType: Win64 DLL
FileTypeExtension: dll
FileVersion: 72.0.1
ImageFileCharacteristics: Executable, Large address aware, DLL
ImageVersion: 0.0
ImportHash: c88a5116bc674ca358113196c894c18b
InitializedDataSize: 26203136
LanguageCode: Neutral
LegalCopyright: License: MPL 2
LegalTradeMarks: Mozilla
LinkerVersion: 14.0
MachineType: AMD AMD64
MIMEType: application/octet-stream
ObjectFileType: Dynamic link library
OriginalFileName: xul.dll
OSVersion: 6.1
PEType: PE32+
ProductName: Firefox
ProductVersion: 72.0.1
Subsystem: Windows GUI
SubsystemVersion: 6.1
TimeStamp: 2020:01:08 00:08:33+01:00
UninitializedDataSize: 0